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Kathie Novotny

(940) 441-4466



Kathie Novotny, founder of Your Path Financial, is a seasoned financial advisor, speaker and educator. For over 16 years, she has been successful at offering her clients a dynamic, holistic approach to financial planning based on...

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Dina Fliss

President & Chief Investment Strategist, GVCM

Ms. Fliss is directly responsible for the portfolio construction of Global View Tactical Asset Allocation Portfolios ("GTAC") & the Tactical Asset Allocation Fund, GPS model portfolios, Tactical Hard Asset, Tactical Emerging Markets,...

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Dean Fliss

President of Global View Capital Advisors & Insurance

As one of the finest mentors and coaches on business building, Dean has been instrumental in developing leaders and advisors into high performance entrepreneurs for over 30 years. His business development systems have been used by...

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